Scientific Affairs

  • To Organize and Unite Clinical Research Professionals in the Philippines in Order to foster good Clinical Research Practice in the industry.
  • To build the Capability of Clinical Research Professionals to be recognized as experts in their field.
  • To actively participate in policy-making on the conduct of clinical research process.
  • To conduct periodic surveys on training needs or evaluation of the skills, knowledge and attitude of members
  • To partner with the committee on policy making and guidelines in implementing measures to ensure that all members have a high level of awareness on clinical research policies and guidelines

Organizational Development

  • Create framework for the development of constitution and by-laws
  • Recommend to members at its regular business meeting amendments to the constitution and by-laws deemed necessary for the betterment of the association and its members
  • Prepare submission dossier for registration at sec
  • Identify measures to increase membership base of the association
  • Provide logistical support to other committees for projects and activities such as elections

Policy Making And Guidelines

  • Disseminate To Members All Existing Guidelines On Clinical Research Of The Department Of Health, Bureau Of Food And Drugs And Other Government And Non-Government Agencies
  • Identify And Propose Policies And Guidelines That Will Augment, Enhance Or Improve The Existing Set Of Policies And Guidelines On Clinical Research
  • Establish Partnership With Other Associations That Has Clinical Research As Part Of Their Thrust In The Formulation And In The Presentation Of The Clinical Research Guidelines To Government Agencies
  • To Establish A Shared Database Or Website Of Resource Materials, Clinical Reports, References That Is Easily Accessed By Members.
  • To Help Create A System And Set Standards That Would Enable Research Institutions To Share The Best Practices In Handling Research Projects.

Ways And Means

  • Recommend Projects And/Or Activities That Will Generate Funds For The Association
  • Present Feasibility Report On Proposed Fund-Raising Activities To The Board Of Directors
  • Responsible For The Planning, Organization , Logistics Of Fund-Raising Activities
  • Closely Coordinate With The Treasurer In The Disbursement And Collection Of Funds For Said Activities

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